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VR SciFest

Keynote Speaker

Stockholm, Sweden (2019)

vr sci fest logo.jpg

I presented a keynote talk about the World in a Cell project

iHuman Forum

Invited Speaker

Shanghai, China (2018)


I presented a talk about the World in a Cell project and my pancreatic beta cell research


Film Presenter

Austin, TX (2018)


I premiered a film titled Tiniest Tremor, produced by BASA

Convergent Science Symposium

Invited Panelist

Santa Monica, CA (2018)


I was on a panel focused on modeling biological systems, along with 2013 Chemistry Nobel Laureate, Arieh Warshel

SoCal Science

Writers Symposium

Invited Panelist

Los Angeles, CA (2019)

I was on a panel focused on communicating science through video, along with famous YouTuber, Derek Muller of Veritasium


Association of Medical Illustrators Annual Convention

Invited Speaker

Boston, MA (2019)

I presented my work in founding BASA and developing new projects

MESH Academy

Stem Cell Symposium

Invited Speaker

Los Angeles, CA (2018)

I presented BASA projects focused on medical communications

ETC Future of

Immersive Therapeutics

Invited Panelist

Los Angeles, CA (2019)

I was on a panel focused on virtual reality and healthcare with friends from the Game Dev Studio: Pigeon Hole Productions

etc logo.jpg

Creating Reality Hackathon

Invited Workshop Leader

Los Angeles, CA (2019)

I led a workshop on communicating science using digital media

USC Innovation


Invited Panelist

Los Angeles, CA (2017)

I was on a panel of USC members who have created organizations out of their research

VIZBI Visualizing

Biology Conference


Boston, MA (2018)

I presented my work on founding BASA along with several of our biology focused projects

Selected Poster Presentations:

vizbi logo.png

Human Proteome Organization Annual Conference (2019)

American Diabetes Association Annual Conference (2019)

iHuman Forum (2017)

VIZBI (2017)

Structural Genomics Consortium Protein Production Convention (2016)


BASA Pitch Week

I organized a week long event where thirty nine teams pitched projects to BASA for up to $5K in project funding. We awarded a total of $40K to eight teams with projects including VR, documentary film, stop-motion animation, paintings, and more. The thirty nine teams who pitched consisted of students, postdocs, and faculty at USC, as well as representatives from local media studios, and others from local Universities. The pitches were all live-streamed on Facebook. 

I organized a series of events at USC to bring artists and scientists together to connect and mingle while viewing some of our past BASA projects. Each event had over 150 artists and scientists in attendance. I think they enjoyed the free pizza and drinks too.

Artists + Scientists Mixer and Exhibition Series

USC Science + Cinema Hackathon

In the spring semester of 2018, I worked with the USC Cinema School and USC Molecular Biology Department to organize a hackathon where students with media production skills worked with science students to create digital media that raises awareness for diabetes prevention and research efforts.

Art/Sci Trivia Nights

I organized and MC'd a series of Art & Sci Trivia Nights at USC's campus bar, Tommy's Place. The questions were based on art and science in popular culture and history, with prizes awarded to the winning teams. Each event had at least 25 teams and we mixed up the groups so that each team had representation from both the arts and science programs at USC. 

High School Outreach Day

In August 2017, I organized a day for 30 students, teachers, and administrators from Downey and Warren High Schools to visit research labs at USC in both the science and cinema departments. In addition to touring USC's facilities, the high school students met with USC faculty and students to ask questions and receive advice as they approach college age.

STEAM Sound Bytes

In collaboration with the HM Foundation for the Arts & Sciences, I organized and hosted an annual ‘Silent Panel at a Pub.’ We invite a panel of artists and scientists to answer questions from the audience at a loud bar in west Los Angeles. The event is like a silent disco with a twist - we provide each audience member with a cozy pair of can-headphones so that they can listen to our panelists speak into microphones at the front of the pub. Near the stage is a screen showing our Facebook Live feed, where audience members can post questions for the moderator and panelists to read and respond to.

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