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Bridge Art + Science Alliance

A program dedicated to connecting artists & scientists and supporting their interdisciplinary collaborative projects

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In 2016, I won $100K in a pitch contest hosted by the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Biosciences to create a program that connects artists and scientists at USC and in the greater Los Angeles area. With the team I recruited, we developed a community of interdisciplinary collaborators aimed at merging scientific discovery with the storytelling and spatial intelligence of the visual arts.

Services Provided by BASA:

Project funding - we provided funding for interdisciplinary art/sci projects, including animations, documentary, VR, comic book, painting, web series, and more

Event production - we created events and workshops to connect artists and scientists and encourage collaboration. Events included mixers, exhibitions, workshops, panels, trivia nights, and more

Connections - we arranged individual consultations for artists who want to meet scientists and vice versa. 

Media Project Tools - we hosted a maker space with media tools like graphics computers, animation software, cameras, microphones, virtual reality gear, 


BASA Promo (2017)

Produced over 25 art/sci media projects including: short films, documentaries, animations, games, virtual reality experiences, comic books.

Hosted over 15 events, workshops, and panels to connect artists and scientists at USC and in the greater Los Angeles area.

Collaborated with over 200 students, faculty, and industry partners to create a range of art/sci media projects.

Projects received over 20 awards at science, media, and film festivals, including SXSW, Ars Electronica, LA Shorts International Film Festival, DOC NYC, and more. Projects were also featured in The New Yorker and received Emmy consideration.

Program Highlights

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